View Full Version : Does anyone here know about FLash MX scripts?

10-12-2005, 05:37 PM
I am writing a Flash Game for my website, and I need some assistance!

It is a side scrolling game where the character has to walk forward, backward, and jump up to the left and right (the character is a dog, lol)

Okay, I have the scrolling background, I have the walking dog. I have the enemies that drop from the top of the screen.

What I do NOT have is scripting that will change the dog to the crounching and jumping positions.

I want the main pic (dog1.jpg) to be the main pic for the character, but as the enemies come from the top of the screen at random and the player presses up and right, I want the pic to change to the dog3.jpg of the dog in the jump right position, like wise when you press up+left to make the dog pic of the left side (like jumping behind him, etc) and again with down right and down left for the crouching (and just left for the left walking position)

The only script help I could find is mouse angles, and this wont work as I have it set up as a keyboard only movement. Other than that all I could find were the degree change scripts (90, 180, 270, etc) that will work perfectly from a top down view, but like I said this is a side scrolling adventure, not top down.

Any help?

[EDIT] I found it out. Actually I made scripts up until it worked, lol. It may not be beautiful, but it is functional!