View Full Version : Dropdown menu with pictures

04-28-2010, 04:48 AM
I found a dropdown menu on a website http://www.leejoo.nl/ under Javascripts, section 'Menu', and they call the script there 'Verticaal Dynamisch'. From the beginning this script did exactly what I was looking for, so I was very entousiastic!
My purpose was to get various pages, that I still have to design myself, in an iFrame Window on my website. You can see my prototype website on http://users.telenet.be/jiv1/herten/nederlands.html where you can also see that I made some modifications mainly for getting an other outlook of the menu, fitting better in the general outlook of my own website.
Then I was thinking: it would be fine if I could have a picture in the iFrame for each item of the main menu. That means that I would like to have another picture in the iFrame each time when I switch to another item of the menu, even before I click one of its subitems.
In other words: for each item of the main menu I want to see a picture in the iFrame, which again desappears when I click on one of its subitems of the menu.
My questioon is: how can I get such a picture just by modifying/adapting the script so that for each "Hoofd Link 1" and "Hoofd Link 2" and so on, I will have a different picture in the Iframe? Preseltly, as the script is, it is ,ot possible to have such pictures.
I just want to say that the whole script as I modified it already on my website works exactly as I wished that it should work, except for the missing pictures for each item of the "Hoofd Link"'s...
Is there anybody who can give me a hint how to modify the script for this purpose?