View Full Version : Problem with HV Menu help needed

10-30-2004, 03:07 AM
HV menu is great. very easy to use with multiple frames. but i have a problem when i load my main frame. Initially when i load for the first time i'm able to go to submenus which are displayed in my second frame(main frame), but after i click a menuitem it loads that page into the main frame and i could not access the submenu items thereafter.

My top frame is "MyFrameOne" , file - "example.htm"
My main frame is "MyFrameTwo", file - "MyMain.htm"
- This frame gets changed from Mymain.htm to other jsp files when any menuitem is clicked.

I'd included the js statement in Mymain.htm as well as xxx.jsp that i'm loading into main frame. but when the xxx.jsp is loaded it shows some script error in it and that page has some more js files loaded(but has no error in it before including this).

Expecting earlier response as it is urgent to complete my project.

Thanks in advance.


10-30-2004, 06:24 AM
We really need to be able to set the target to MyFrameTwo, like this:
<a href="wherever.htm" target="MyFrameTwo">link text</a>

But looking at the script, I don't think it supports it.
Anyone else see a way around this?