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04-27-2010, 12:39 AM
The code is for SMF forums , the code works very well ,I need to have more control
i need to have mousewheel control , when mouseover occurs it should stop scrolling , but enable mousewheel .
i have been told you can not enable mousehweel through php , soo how would i go about converting this block of code into javascript , or either inserting a JS script to use mousescroll?

// Configurable Graphics block
// Scrolling Options - on/off direction, speed, delay
// Item display oprions Random/Newest, number of item to display,selectable albums

// Marquee script Variables
$marq_offon = 1; // 0=off 1=on
$marq_behavior = "scroll"; // what should marquee do "scroll" "fade"
$marq_direction = "up"; // "left" , "right" , "up", "down"
$marq_height = "290px"; // size of viewable block area
$marq_scrolldelay = 10; // delay iteritions
$marq_scrollamount = 5; // how many pixels to scroll block each iteration
$marq_onmouseover = "this.stop()"; // what to do on mouseover
$marq_onmouseout = "this.start()"; // what to do on mouseout

// Aeva script variables
// - Gets items : array aeva_getMediaItems(int start, int limit, string sort, bool all_albums, array albums, string custom)
$aeva_start = 0; // where item number to start at
$aeva_limit = 99; // maximum number of items to display
$aeva_sort = 'm.time_added DESC'; // sort see Aeva-Subs.php for values I use 'RAND()' or 'm.time_added DESC' DESC or ASC for sorting order
$aeva_all_albums = true; // all albums .. true or false
$aeva_albums = array(); // for a single album put eg: array(10) for an array of albums eg: array(3,5,7) for all albums eg:array()
$aeva_custom ='m.id_media'; // aeva custom string
// - Creates HTML for viewing items : string aeva_listItems(array items, bool in_album = false, string align, int per_line)
$aeva_in_album = false; // unknown paramiter .. set to false by default for now
$aeva_align = 'center'; // allign items 'left' 'center' 'right'
$aeva_per_line = 2; // number of colums to display at once eg: 1 for single .. 3 for 3 items accross

global $sourcedir;
require_once($sourcedir . '/Aeva-Subs.php');

// -------------------------------------
// Don't edit anything below this line
// -------------------------------------

// Start marquee routine if set to do so
if ($marq_offon == 1){
echo '<marquee behavior=',$marq_behavior,' direction=',$marq_direction,' height=',$marq_height,' scrolldelay=',$marq_scrolldelay,' scrollamount=',$marq_scrollamount,' onmouseover=',$marq_onmouseover,' onmouseout=',$marq_onmouseout,' >';
// end marquee routine

// start actual block to be displayed
echo '<div style="width: 100% height:',$marq_height,'; overflow: hidden;">';
echo aeva_listItems(aeva_getMediaItems($aeva_start,$aeva_limit,$aeva_sort,$aeva_all_albums,$aeva_albums,$aeva_custom),$aeva_in_album,$aeva_align,$aeva_per_line);
echo '</div>';
// end actual block to be displayed

//start marquee routine
if ($marq_offon == 1){
} //end scrolling routine


i have already posted in smf forums , im am searching for a way to either rewrite in javascript or insert JS to enable mousescroll

Thank you for Reading