View Full Version : Can you use javascript w/in an xml page?

04-22-2010, 12:32 AM
I have a site that's totally Flash and would like to call a javascript/flash slide show from the menu.xml page, is this possible? The index page previews all the swf movies....do I have to put a link outside the flash on the page, thanks, Cyn

04-22-2010, 01:28 AM
I have a site that's totally Flash...

Well, that is problem #1 right there. *sigh*

Anyway, to answer your question it is possible. Difficult and depending a lot on your set up, functions, calls, and layout. Stuff we either need entire code posted for, or a link to the site so we can see everything in action for ourselves (preferred).

As for the second part of your post, I am not sure what you are after.

(btw, expect a few "having an all Flash site is bad, what if javascript is turned of... blah blah" posts. NOT that they aren't warranted, especially here... just FYI)

04-22-2010, 01:49 AM
Yeah, I know, but I inherited it w/ the client... it's http://dessertdivaonline.com anything else you might need I'll send direct. Cyn

04-22-2010, 01:53 AM
Okay, I still don't quite understand exactly what you mean here:

The index page previews all the swf movies....do I have to put a link outside the flash on the page

04-22-2010, 02:48 AM
I'm sorry, I'm going about this the wrong way....I want to play this slide show prefferably from the menu "products" and the menu is controled by the menu.xml page.

So I'm probably going down the wrong path....the "products" link will be changed to possibly "gallery" here's the link to the slide show. http://dessertdivaonline.com/album/

So what's the best way to be able to play this slide show from the index page? I want to only use a link and not show a thumb or all these thumbs on the album page.

04-22-2010, 09:52 PM
Okay... we are getting closer!

Here is what I understand so far:

You have the site and it has a preview slideshow currently on the main page. You have a product image gallery on the product tab. You are changing the products tab to say "gallery" and you want to show the image gallery that is currently there on the main page instead of the slide show that is currently there.


So.. do you want the product gallery to display instead of what is on the main page already, or simply replace what is there when that tab is clicked?

04-23-2010, 12:54 AM
The flash design was alread in place, I want to add the slide show. The menu is controled by Flash/xml. If it's possible to execute the LightBox2 slide show w/in the xml, it would probablyi be simpler, if not, I'll have to generate the image and embed the scripts on the index page...I'm sure there will be some conflicts....Or hack the swf preview file and call it w/in there. What ever you think best.

Thanks for your patience, Cyn