View Full Version : Drop Down Tabs Menu - IE / Chrome / FF Displays Differently

04-06-2010, 03:58 AM
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Drop Down Tabs Menu

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3) Describe problem:
Working on a website for work and before I go into making all the pages, I just uploaded the index page and checked on different browsers. Firefox and Chrome seem to display exactly the way I want. But Internet Explorer seems to be confused.

* Firefox and Chrome: On the drop down menu, the sub-menu (drop down menu) items are NOT underlined and the color changes to white on hover.
* Internet Explorer: The sub-menu (drop down menu) items are underlined and the background color does NOT change to white on hover. Also, the very first sub-menu has a very small gap on the left side whereas Firefox doesn't.

4) Site URL:
www.americansportsuniversity.com (http://www.americansportsuniversity.com)