View Full Version : DD Accordion Script - Take off persistent state depending on what page you view

03-19-2010, 10:18 AM
1) Script Title:
DD accardion menu (Urban Gray Accordion)

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I have my menu working okay I have set persistent state to true as I need the user to see the navigation links of the drop down when they are in that area.

But when I user clicks on a link that does not have a drop down I need the drop down menus to subtract (so you cant see them)

Here is my example http://www.justjamie.com/preview/ if you hover "About Just Jamie" the sub menu appears, when you click on Press / News the sub menu is still there as I have persistent state set to true, but I only need this state for the pages that have sub menus.

I hope that all makes sense :) and that someone can help me!