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03-02-2010, 02:36 AM
First, I am *ONLY* interested in a MooTools v 1.2 based solutin. Please do not offer any other JS framework. *MUST* be MooTools v 1.2 based.

I need a Slider / Carousel like iCarousel but designed with MooTools v 1.2.

* DIV based elements, not list. Will be styled with CSS.


<div id="wrapper">
<div id="item">
...content ONE, could be HTML, images, a FLASH element...
<div id="item">
...content TWO, could be HTML, images, a FLASH element...
<div id="item">
...content THREE, could be HTML, images, a FLASH element...

* Content DIVs might be loaded into the Web document via the AJAXy Goodness...
* Variable number of DIVs showing at one time. I need to show 3 at a time. But that might change...
* Left / Right scroll control - rotate one element at a time (even when more than one element showing)...
* Optional auto scrolling... Pause on mouseover...
* Specify speed of scroll and how long the DIVs "rest".
* Smooth scrolling action, maybe even a little bouncy at the end.
* Continuous loop.

It would be a bonus if it could be configured Vertical and Horizontal, but horizontal is required.

Carousels I like:

iCarousel (works only with MT v 1.1)
StoutLabs Slider - http://stoutlabs.com/blog/view/updated_mootools_content_slider_class_v2

I don't care if an existing slider / carousel is modded to do what I want, why reinvent the wheel?

Please quote me a *REASONABLE* price. This is for a project that isn't makin' me a load of cash, but I understand paying for quality work. Everyone has to eat... Will pay cash, PayPal, check, fresh ground coffee - whatever format you prefer.

I will be needing more MooTools work, and prefer working with the same people, so this could lead to additional smaller / larger work.

I would prefer some type of Open Source license such as MIT or GPLv2 (but *not* GPLv3), but as long as I am granted unlimited use, I'm flexible.

I am on the West Coast of the United States (Seattle, Washington area).

Contact: jake@Botteronet.net

03-14-2010, 02:04 PM
Hey mate, just let me know when start :D