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02-20-2010, 06:13 AM
Hello Senior Webmasters

I have created a form in PHP in which using a javascript to add some extra fields but when user submits a form or any error found then form will be returned with errors but problem is here that the fields added from the javascript are not returning their previous values like in a field of email address a user inputs: example@xyzcom
and by mistake he or she did not place a dot(.) between "xyz" and "com", so there error will be occured and PHP form will be returned again but with some errors, so with error a value user entered in that javascript created field must be returned but its not returning. Any body can please solve my problem. Please send some type of script as example so this will clearly solving my problem.

page where this example code is: www.funfluster.com/2.php


<script type='text/javascript'>
function AddFields() {
var MainDiv = document.getElementById('MoreFunnyImages'); //for getting the element(div) from where to start putting more fields
var AddFields = document.getElementById('NoofFunnyImages').value; //for getting number of fields to be added
var PreviousNoOfFields = document.getElementById('FunnyImagesCount'); //this is to get the value of field which have saved the number which is given before
var NewDivIdName = 'divFunnyImage'; //to get the id of div which have to be removed or been added

for (j=1;j<=PreviousNoOfFields.value;j++) { //loop is for removing previous given DIVS
var OldDiv = document.getElementById(NewDivIdName+j); //getting the name of previous DIVS by help of there ids
MainDiv.removeChild(OldDiv); //removing that DIV from the parent DIV
PreviousNoOfFields.value = AddFields; //Now we are assigning new value to the previous value variable so next time this amount of divs will be removed

if (AddFields && AddFields > 0) {
for (i=1;i<=AddFields;i++) { //for loop continue till the given value becomes equal
var NewDiv = document.createElement('div'); //gving that what element to be created, we give DIV
NewDiv.setAttribute('id',NewDivIdName+i); //setting id attribute for the div
NewDiv.innerHTML = "Alt Tag "+i+":<input type='text' name='alt"+i+"' value='' class='field' /><br /><br />";
MainDiv.appendChild(NewDiv); //from where to print these div we give a variable.appendChild function with attribute of newdivname
}//loop bracket closes here
}//if condition closes here
}//function closes here



if ($action == "submit") {
$show_fields = "AddFields();";

echo "<form name='AddFunnyImages' enctype='multipart/form-data' method='post' action='?action=submit'>

Number of Images:<input id='NoofFunnyImages' type='text' name='imagesfield' value='$imagesfield' /><input id='FunnyImagesCount' type='hidden' name='countfield' value='0' />
<input type='button' value='Submit' onclick='AddFields()' />
<div id='MoreFunnyImages'></div><!--All of The Images Browse Button Will Display in This DIV-->
<input type='submit' name='submit' value='Go..' />
<script type='text/javascript'>$show_fields</script>


Please answer fast it is important.
I will be very much thankful to helpers.
And thanks in advance to helpers