View Full Version : Resolved Floating top bar script & phpBB3

02-09-2010, 04:40 PM
I tested many times the script here: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/floatbar.htm with success, when I'm logged in.

I created a floating bar, with buttons that switch content when clicked inside a rectangle (from another great tutorial here ;)

When I'm logged in it shows exactly how I expected, but when I log off, or my guests are visiting my site without loggin in, something happens ...

there shows not only one picture, but three of them, on after another, which is very distubing,

I've placed the "loading" code inside the HEAD of overall_header.html and the "working" code before </BODY> in the overall_footer.html

I know it has somethin to do with the fact, there is some another file, that is not loaded when I log off my phpBB3 forum,

Can it be it's the CSS? Is it possible, that when I plug-in ;) the css is being loaded correctly, but when I log off, some "unplug" php file in my style doesn't have line for ordering to load anything and that causes the error?
My forum has it here: www.raider.clanteam.com

So, to fasten the question, my flash files load so:


please help me ...

I was unsure, but tried to change the ucp.php file inside phpBB3 style and it worked like a charm. Thanks! ;)

This is the greates forum I found, forum that solves aything without even anwering; I'll visit you many times ;))