View Full Version : Help: Trying to insert content slider v2.4

02-06-2010, 03:55 AM
I was trying to follow the instructions on the page for the content slider
v2.4. After doing this the 2 examples showed up. No idea where to go from here. how do I insert the pictures I want in the slider. I see where is says content goes here but do I have to make a new div class inside of that and call on my picture from the .css script?

Another thing that throws me off is for instance.. this cont slider has a .js file, a .css file, and an html file. Do i just copy and paste the .css onto my style.css I have made for my website? Im pretty sure I know what to do with the html. (insert it into the body i think) But i really dont know what to do with the .js file. Please help!

I tried applying a banner from this site that changed out pictures with the fading affects and stuff and was not able to get that to work either when trying to put it into my existing site. Now when start a new html page and follow the instructions it worked! So not sure what im doing wrong.