View Full Version : change images in .JS

01-15-2010, 05:03 AM
hi, I'm please see the sample of change color from yahoo.com on top right and click on "setting" link.

I have developed thoses sample and works great in .css, but it will not works with link to use css. so i have to find the way how to change color images by click on the button.

Does any one know know how to write the code in .Javascripts code when person click on one of those few images button, then it will change images. let say that i have three color button of "blue, red and yellow" and then i have three images, one in each files under .php files. and then when in index.php page, have one images there.

so the default is yellow images when load page, and if i want to click on blue button to change images to the blue how can write that code in JS code!

please help thanks.