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09-25-2005, 04:01 PM

A couple of years ago before i knew anything about the web, someone wrote some code for me to run an online webquiz. This guy has long since disappeared. I now find a need to amend the code he has written for me and I dont know what to change. I have tried a couple of times but it just got messed up.

I would be grateful if someone could take a look at the sript and help me out.

I have to input the weekly scores into one file, and then that file and onother file calculate the running scores sort out an average and then put it into order and display it in another file.

At the moment it is calculated on a 13 week season and also adds 10 points to each persons score each week.

What I want is to reduce the season to 10 weeks instead of 13 and also display a total score so far as well as the current information.

At the end of each season the complete table is displayed on an older file with all the previous seasons scores.

my website isQUIZTOON (http://www.quiztoon.com/linksquiz/league.shtml)

I think these are the files which need changing

1. scores (http://www.quiztoon.co.uk/includes/scores.html)
2. average (http://www.quiztoon.co.uk/linksquiz/average.html)

! am not sure how to make the above files viewable but you can view the source.

The output page is league.html

I hope this makes sense to you and I thank you in advance

Quiztoon :confused: