View Full Version : ShlashDot Menu [Subcategory Expansion(More than 1 level down)]

01-04-2010, 03:41 PM
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Slashdot Menu
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The script works perfect without any problems.
I was wondering if there is way to go 2 levels down[i dont know if i am framing it right]:

Health [Category > contracts/ Expands]
Amnesia [Subcategory(Of Health) > contracts/ Expands] {Level 1}
Treatment [Subcategory(Amnesia) > contracts/ Expands] {Level 2}

The following site has the menu i was looking for [unfortunately it is in greek, and doesnt have any eng translation. [At their Left panel when you click on any of the categories it expands and shows more subcategories, which can also be EXPANDED]]


Can the ShalshDot Menu do that? or do you recommend any other menu script?
I was also looking at the Accordion Menu:
do you know if it can have subcategories that can be expanded?