View Full Version : Userdefined fontsize in Jim's DHTML menu

09-24-2005, 10:26 PM
With a lot of pleasure I'm using DHTML Menu v5.7 (as vertical menu) on the pages I wrote for a volunteersorganisation I'm working for.

Problem is that a lot of our readers are physical disabled: have bad eyes.
They use the functionality of their browser to "blow up" the fonts pages are presented in.

(In my Firefox that is: <Control><+>)

It sure is not my way of reading a page, but I'm the lucky owner of two good eyes.

Problem in the script is: the font grows in Firefox, but not the boxes the text is in.
If you try it wou will see what I mean: texts explode out of the boxes and are projected one over each other.

I would love to continue using this script, so trust on you to have a solution.