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09-23-2005, 11:49 PM
I was able to integrate the AnyLink Drop Down Menu into my website (Thank you very very much for offering such a script it is wonderfull) and have it working perfectly but Would like to know if it is possible to add a 3rd level of menu's. I host a Genealogy website and am creating a surname listing, there are so many of each surnames that I cannot list them all on the first level of menu so I would like to be able to click on Surnames (A-G) and have a Meny list A B C Etc... Then when you click on A or hover over A it expands into a third level of Menu. If this is not an easy change with this style of menu do you already have one that does that for me in a horizontal format similar to this? my site is www.ourfamilygenealogy.com but the menu is listed on the development subdomain of development.ourfamilygenealogy.com

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank YOu

Kevin K

09-24-2005, 05:33 AM
See if this will work for you:


Also, your second idea is a good one, check out all the multilevel menus at:


09-24-2005, 01:16 PM
I found Jim's DHTM Menu V5.7

This menu will work for me but I am unable to get it to work on my site. I am not very familier about working with scripts that make calls to another file. The easy thing about the last menu is that it was all in the BODY and HEAD of the webpage and not in a file. If somebody can help me set this script up on my site I would truly appreciate it. I followed the directions and copied the part into the HEAD and the second part in the BODY. I beleive my problem is with accuratly modifiying the files for the path to where the .js files are located. If somebody can work with me on that I would appreciate it.

09-24-2005, 03:58 PM
Jim's is one of those third party menus that it is difficult to support due to its complexity. The documentation that comes with it is actually very good and deserves a very thorough reading or two. If the problem is only what you say that it is, I have helped folks with that aspect of Jim's menu in the past. So, if after going over things thoroughly as I suggest, you still are having trouble, upload a test page to your server (it doesn't have to work right, just your best shot) and provide a link to it for me to have a look at.

11-03-2005, 01:20 PM
jscheuer1, I like you drop down menu, but I have a question. When i try to position it differently (move the table lower) it messes up the 3rd level. It will shift it lower then where it is suppose to be. If you can help i would appreciate it. Thank you


11-04-2005, 05:16 AM
That had come up before and I thought I fixed it. After checking, I had but, forgot to upload the changes. The online version has now been updated with the fixes. After you load the page, be sure to refresh your browser before looking at the new source code. Here's the link (http://home.comcast.net/~jscheuer1/side/testddaw2002.htm) again, same as before.