View Full Version : SwapLayers and Stay issues

09-23-2005, 06:32 PM
I have a box with buttons that change the middle image it is currently working perfectly at:
Live site it is working on (http://www.tarceva.com/tarceva/professional/index.jsp)
(the survival benefit data table)

When I have added a set of tabs at the top to switch the bottom buttons:
(see image below) everything breaks.

I have isolated the table in the attached link to show the behavior it is now doing.

Anybody have any helpful ideas, it seems so simple (but i am def no dhtml or javascript guru, so i have been tearing hair out tweaking thinsg for two days)


Link to broken table (http://www.falloutsf.com/outbox/dhtml_help/help.html)

zip file version of page if anyone thinks that would help (http://www.falloutsf.com/outbox/dhtml_help/dhtml_help.zip)

Thanks again