View Full Version : Classes, Active Table, Smarty etc

12-19-2009, 03:06 PM
So I learned PHP out of a book, and I can do anything with PHP.

I have been learning for 5+ years, and have created all sorts of web applications.

My coding style is 'normal': I write everything out essentially. I was told to use classes, so read up on them. I use them somewhat, but feel I am still missing the point on their usage.

I then decided to look at a framework for a similar site which utilizes classes.

As well as utilizing classes, it uses Active Table, and Smarty as well as PEAR.
The explanations of all of these things is going miles above my head.

It just seems really wierd that I can make whatever I want with PHP, Yet I cannot understand the bulk of the code in this framework... nor do I appreciate what the above actually are.

Could someone give me a general overview?