View Full Version : Resolved how can i make the carousel show any number of images?

12-02-2009, 10:34 AM
i have a problem with this carousel : http://dev.victorstanciu.ro/experimente/prototype-showcase/

it says that it takes any number of images but it's not true because when i erase one of the seven that has, it doesn't work...
the error that shows is "this.senctions[this.half]"

i figured out that it works only with 3,5,7 etc images!!
and i want to put in the js code(file:showcase.js) the command "if (i mod2==0) break;" so that when i have for example 4 images, this carousel show only the three first and work correctly!!
but i don't know where exactly to put the command..

will u help me, please??

thanks and sorry about my english..

12-02-2009, 12:01 PM
from http://dev.victorstanciu.ro/experimente/prototype-showcase/

# size: The total number of slides visible at one time. Suppose you have 20 slides you want to showcase, but only want to display 7 at a time. You will set this parameter with the value 7, and Showcase will only display 7 slides at a time. The remaining slides will roll in and out of the Showcase when jumping. Default value: none, it starts out as the total number of slides. Attention: This must be an odd number.