View Full Version : Tricky one? RSS AJAX iFRAMES and more...

11-30-2009, 01:17 AM
Hi all,

I have a fairly tricky problem:

I have an RSS feed of some products from a shop. Is there any way to make it so that if a link to 'product 1' (product_id=0001) is clicked then a div appears elsewhere on the page displaying information about that product from the rss feed (eg stock level and price of 0001). However, when a link to 'product 2' (product_id=0002) is clicked then then the information in this div is that of product 2. (ie: not opening a new div elsewhere or over the top of the old one for product 2's info, but actually in the original div, replacing product 1's info. I guess AJAX is the best method?)

The reason i want to do this is so that the info displayed in the div is dependant on the link that has been clicked. I will have links to up to a few hundred products on the page so this method would keep the script size and loading times down - not to mention the enormous amount of work of manually coding a new div for each product.

In fact... to make it even more complicated i actually want the links themselves (‘product 1’, ‘product 2’ etc…) to be in an iframe but the div to be opened on the parent page... perhaps its best to tackle on thing at a time though!

Thanks for any help at all