View Full Version : Help with Javascript(?)

11-18-2009, 06:36 PM
I hope someone help me out. I am basically trying to do this (http://acs-inc.com). Not the entire site lol. Just the bit with the images on the left. But instead of the thumbnails at the bottom, I want mine at the top (though I think I can switch them around myself if I can figure out how they got it to do what it does). This is what theirs does:

- When you hover each thumbnail, the larger size of it shows up above. Also, if you check it out, for each image, a new text is displayed over the image.

- I'm also trying to get the "previous" and "next" links too. And I don't know how, but if you click on a thumbnail, the large image is displayed, but then if you click on either "previous" or "next" it continues from the last image clicked.

I am trying to use this, but don't know the code. I got as far as getting the large image to come up when I hover over its thumbnail. But I can't get the text to come up. Any help is appreciated.