View Full Version : Need Mac users please (and anyone else too is fine)

09-11-2005, 08:41 PM
I think I finally have it. I didn't even think to come to the forums here with all my mass amount of questions, I just muddled through on my own till I got it...I think. I've taught myself html, and now it seems that I'm doing tolerably well with teaching myself CSS...yay me! :D

S Jensen Art (http://www.sjensenart.com/stylesheet.html)

I have it so that it works ok for me in Mozilla and IE (haven't bothered to check what versions I have, I don't think they are the latest). I don't have a Mac though and know things can be different on one so I want to make sure that a Mac user can see my site just fine.

I'm so excited about what I've done but I know it could be better since I'm BRAND NEW to this.

The site is not finished. It is just the beginnings of what the gallery will look like. See, I'm trying to start a non-profit organization that will allow me to go to hospitals and do family portraits for people who have a child fighting cancer. You can see my old frame site that I'm pitching if you go to old site (http://www.sjensenart.com) if you want to get any information about the mission I've got or the little girl that inspired me (she died when she was 9 months old from Leukemia). My idea is though to have hundreds of artists using me as sort of an online art gallery, selling their work on commission and they use the same general layout as the page I've just made, but can change colours and the "logo" where I have the leaves drawing I did. The pictures I have are just some old photos of mine, ones I threw in to take up space. None of the links get you anywhere yet, but I like the drop down menus I have. The site is pretty fru-fru looking especially for an art site (black and grey being the norm after all) but since there is the theme of children with cancer, I wanted to get away from the black like my old site was.

So, if anyone can find anything wrong (other than dead links obviously) or odd please let me know.

Thank you,

-using art to fight childhood cancer-