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09-10-2005, 06:35 PM
Hi. Could someone tell me what I've inputted incorrectly? The HTML on my page is correct because the example menu shows up when I use that file, but the menu does not appear when I use my customized one. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

This is what my code looks like.

var NoOffFirstLineMenus=5;
var LowBgColor='#7B828F';
var LowSubBgColor='#7B828F';
var HighBgColor='#4E5666';
var HighSubBgColor='#4E5666';
var FontLowColor='#FFFFFF';
var FontSubLowColor='#FFFFFF';
var FontHighColor='#FFFFFF';
var FontSubHighColor='#FFFFFF';
var BorderColor='#7B828F';
var BorderSubColor='#7B828F';
var BorderWidth=0;
var BorderBtwnElmnts=0;
var FontFamily="arial";
var FontSize=8;
var FontBold=1;
var FontItalic=0;
var MenuTextCentered='center';
var MenuCentered='center';
var MenuVerticalCentered='top';
var ChildOverlap=.75;
var ChildVerticalOverlap=0;
var StartTop=155;
var StartLeft=0;
var VerCorrect=0;
var HorCorrect=0;
var LeftPaddng=3;
var TopPaddng=2;
var FirstLineHorizontal=1;
var MenuFramesVertical=1;
var DissapearDelay=500;
var TakeOverBgColor=1;
var FirstLineFrame='navig';
var SecLineFrame='space';
var DocTargetFrame='space';
var TargetLoc='';
var HideTop=0;
var MenuWrap=1;
var RightToLeft=0;
var UnfoldsOnClick=0;
var WebMasterCheck=0;
var ShowArrow=1;
var KeepHilite=1;
var Arrws=['tri.gif',5,10,'tridown.gif',10,5,'trileft.gif',5,10];

function BeforeStart(){return}
function AfterBuild(){return}
function BeforeFirstOpen(){return}
function AfterCloseAll(){return}

Menu1=new Array("TOP","http://www.crosswithyou.net/index.php","",0,12,140);

Menu2=new Array("GokuMew2","","",3,12,140);
Menu2_1=new Array("About","http://www.crosswithyou.net/about.php","",0,12,140);
Menu2_2=new Array("Journal","javascript:window.open('http://lj.crosswithyou.net/')","",0);
Menu2_3=new Array("Listings","http://www.crosswithyou.net/listings.php","",0);

Menu3=new Array("Resources","","",4,12,140);
Menu3_1=new Array("Community","javascript:window.open('http://comm.crosswithyou.net/')","",0,12,140);
Menu3_2=new Array("Forum","javascript:open.window('http://www.crosswithyou.net/forum/')","",0);
Menu3_3=new Array("Lyrics","http://www.crosswithyou.net/lyrics/","",0);
Menu3_4=new Array("Tracker","http://www.crosswithyou.net/bt/","",0);

Menu4=new Array("Jun<sup style="font-size: 2mm">2</sup>","javascript:window.open('http://junjun.crosswithyou.net/')","",0,12,140


Menu5=new Array("Contact","http://www.crosswithyou.net/contact.php","",0,12,140);

Did I type in something wrong? I think it could be my menu tree since I tried using my customized menu true along with the default settings of the example and it didn't work.

Also, I have a question. Is there a way to make a menu item just a heading and not be linked? I wanted "GokuMew2" and "Resources" to just be text without having a link... That's why I left those parts blank, though if someone clicked on them they'd probably just be taken to the page they're already on.

Thanks in advance!

09-11-2005, 11:21 PM
I got the script to work.

Now I have a question though. Is it possible to display the menu on the page twice?? I would like to have it show up at the top and bottom of my page. If this is possible, please tell me how. Thanks!