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10-03-2009, 04:10 AM

I have been a huge fan of the Lytebox script for a long time because it usually works seamlessly across most browsers when using it to pull content outside of an Iframe. http://www.dolem.com/lytebox/

However, recently I have been working on a new web page where I am using Flash. When I attempt to pull a lytebox loading an internal web page over an iframe that contains a flash movie it acts like it is going to load, but then disappears. I have tested this on multi browers with various results.

Safari: Loads and disappears

Foxfire: Works fine after second load attempt

IE: Works Great

The confusing thing is that Lytebox works great cross browser when there is no Flash file. I have even embedded the correct HTML code within the flash file. Any suggestions or anyone know of a better script that works with iframes and flash?:confused:


10-03-2009, 04:22 AM
In my experience Flash is best handled inside an iframe. That way it can be imported and dismissed just as if it were on a separate page - which of course it is (or should be) when in an iframe.

I'm not sure if Lytebox can do this or not. I do know that if it can, it must be told to do so, the default is either direct import of an image or page. At the same time, with Flash an iframe is not the do all end all. How the iframe is executed is also important.

There are other box type scripts around that might work out better for Flash.

I'd look at:

Lightwindow (http://www.stickmanlabs.com/lightwindow/)

But there are many others. Also see:


Likely Google search terms (to find other options) would be:

modal flash


lightbox flash


import flash

10-03-2009, 02:31 PM

Thanks for the help. I actually just figured out the problem. The reason it kept messing up was because I didn't realize that I was calling the script within the lytebox frame I was trying to load.

Thanks again