View Full Version : Fast Resize causes Whiteout in IE using - Iframe SSI script II

09-08-2005, 04:08 PM
Hi folks,

I am using the Dynamic Drive- Iframe SSI script II in one of my pages. I have altogether six(6) radiobuttons on the page and clicking on any one of the radio buttons causes a new page to be loaded in the iframe. Everything works like a charm until my user decides to abuse it. If they start clicking really fast on the radiobuttons the javascript somehow goes crazy and I end up with a white screen in IE which eventually forces me to close the browser and restart it.

Seems to me that while the first radiobutton's resizeCaller is working, the users second click starts another instance of resizeCaller and the first one which is not quite done yet goes in an infinite loop leader to IE crash.

Can someone please help me out here.