View Full Version : Need some help - Ultimate Fade-in Slideshow

09-13-2009, 02:12 AM
Hey guys,
I just implemented the Ultimate Fade-in Slideshow into a webpage I'm building and it's great! But I am having one issue that I hope you geniuses here can resolve for me.

I'll start out by saying my knowledge of JS is quite limited. Here is the mark up of the site I'm building http://www.forcatech.com/DSC/, if you take a look you'll see the images there, and underneath them there is a block of text. What I am trying to do is have that text super imposed over the images, this works with a static image. But when I implement the javascript, even if I absolutely position it, it just shows up behind the javascript window. Any ideas? Can I clarify anything?

If there is no way to do this, I can always just put that text inside each image file itself, but of course I would rather not do that.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I took the text off the markup page as the customer wanted to see it. I basically just want some text on top of that javascript box, is that possible?