View Full Version : Nested Divs

09-07-2009, 05:21 PM

I have to design a div inside another div that looks like a drop down.

Actually the requirement is, for SEO purpose, my client dont want to use any type of drop down in the WebSite. So he decided to use a div that behaves like a drop down.So, I have to made something in following manner:-

A button like label(say select Course), when i clicked on that, a div should appear(just below that label), that contains some text and 2 more Labels(Select course & select type)(nested divs),
On clicking any label, further a div should appears(just below the resp div), for selecting an option (it should look like that, anyone selecting an option from a drop down). and finally on clicking a GO button, the page will submit.

I have spent a large amt of time to made such NESTED DIVs......

Can any one plz help me?

Thanks in advance