View Full Version : AnyLink JS Drop Down Menu Lengthens Webpage

08-31-2009, 12:11 AM
1) Script Title:
AnyLink JS Drop Down Menu v2.2

2) Script URL (on DD):

3) Describe problem:
I've done the AnyLink drop down menus before, but I guess something has changed since I last worked with it. For some reason, whenever the following code is on my webpage, it lengthens it, but without this code, the drop down menus won't work.

Here's the piece of code:

<script type="text/javascript">
//anylinkmenu.init("menu_anchors_class") //Pass in the CSS class of anchor links (that contain a sub menu)

If someone could help me, that'd be great! I need to figure this out asap, thanks!

09-01-2009, 06:57 AM
Do you have a URL to the problem page? I've seen this happen occasionally with layouts that use tables, though have yet to pinpoint why.