View Full Version : urgent need help in small javascript page " onchange event"

08-28-2009, 05:54 PM
Hello guys
i need help in such small script in java script
i have 6 drop down list
4 for select images
and 2 for select colors ( font, border )
also one field for username when i entered it it come appear in table

the images come from an php array soo it may be a thousand of images listed in drop down list, also the color come from from an array

what i need exactly is

when i select the an image from drop down list the image appear as thumbs beside the select area
and the main image appear in its position

also the color appear in the select area and when i select any of it
the border or the font change as selected

its all will be onchange

all list of images or the colors must be in value of the drop down list not in javascript code

attached is the html of what i need exactly

thanks alot