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08-28-2009, 12:00 PM
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step carousel

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I've been using this script on a website, where the first panel has thumbnails of all the other images on each of the panels. When you click on a thumbnail it goes to the specified panel. The only thing is, is that it moves extremely quickly for the panels that are furthest away. The speed moving from panel to panel is fine. But what i would like to do is make it so that when you click on a thumbnail, it would jump straight to that panel and not scroll. But for the individual panels, it would still scroll between them fine. So what i need to do is have an individual speed set for the thumbnail links (a speed of 1, so it goes straight there), but they still need to be in the same belt for it to move to the right panel. So i think it would mean having two different panels classes in one belt. one with a speed of 1, and one with a speed of say 1000. But i tried this, not knowing much javascript and couldn't get it working (probably because i couldn't code it right), or there's probably some other way!

please can you help!