View Full Version : Ultimate fade-in slideshow not working with latest FF update.

08-25-2009, 02:02 PM
I noticed on a site where I have this script in place, the slideshow is no longer fading since my latest firefox upgrade (to 3.5.2), and now just replaces the images with no fade effect.

Oddly enough, the image where the script is demo'd on this site it still fades, but for some reason the images on my site no longer fade. The fade effect is fine in IE (6,7,8), just the newest build of FF doesn't fade.

I had changed a couple of lines of code (in all my pages) at the authors suggestion to make the fade much slower, on line 70:
obj.degree+=2 the 2 used to be a 10
and on line 114:

fadeclear[this.slideshowid]=setInterval("fadepic(fadearray["+this.slideshowid+"])",100) the 100 used to be 50

I tried setting these back to original settings, but no difference. The mystery is, why does the demo on dynamic drives site still work while my pages do not? I also checked the site on another machine with an earlier version of firefox and the fading slideshow renders like it should.

Any ideas?


08-25-2009, 03:35 PM
update - I noticed that the newest version 1.51 had a fix for Safari, so I tried it on my pages and they render correctly now. Google Chrome now also renders this script ok, with 1.5 it did not.