View Full Version : Image Cross Fade Redux (image fader carousel) conflicting with Lightbox 2. Help?

08-23-2009, 02:11 PM
so here it is:

Edit: I've linked the first image there to lightbox, no others. I there could be a syntax error on the page that could be stopping the script from functioning correctly.

I'm stuck trying to get lightbox2 working here:

You can click the photo, however, lightbox works but the image won't show, the image path etc is correct..
CSS problem wasn't the best way to describe this (initially I thought I could fix it changing the CSS), so i might have to re post this problem under javascript issues..

I also want to try initialising the lightbox before the carousel/fading script because hiding elements will cause them to lose their height and width while hidden which may confuse the lightbox effect.

I'm not all that experienced and just a warning: my code is a little messy..


Any help would be greatly appreciated.