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08-11-2009, 11:14 PM
There are times when I think the internet is totally MAD.
Why for example do people not respect the idea of iframes?
Sure iframes do not bookmark, (unless you add a big button to tell people they are in a frame and PUSH THIS BUTTON TO BOOKMARK), the truth about Search Engines does not come into mind here as you only have to use your robots.txt file and your sitemap.xml to over come this issue.
I use for example Content Management Systems within static php.
The biggest problem I have with Frames like most others is that I want the length of the page to be flexible within the iframe js.
We know that they will not do it on their own, (probably because the people concerned with XHTML are going down a different line), but iframes are simple coding that call whatever you want and can be used by people with a basic knowledge of html or php.
I now use php includes but have you seen the size of a CMS and all the palaver to get a page, (the loading spead is dreadful).
You need to put a whole CMS within a frame on static web site to pull the resources from all the CMS's you might be running and HEY, can you do it?
No, cos nobody likes frames.
So why am I here.
To tell you the script for height flexibility at:


does not work.

The irony is it works in IE.

But Safari for Mac users and Firefox for the rest of the World, it DON'T WORK.

So why on a coding site is it there?

If someone can explain this code and why it will not work except on IE6 then please enlighten me, (irony being we all know that IE is a waste of time for development).

As for the code take it offline it is four years old and should not be here.

If you are going to show scripts then make sure they work.

This does not work within a page head and it does not even appear on an include, (used page source).

My gripe finished.

08-11-2009, 11:44 PM
Frames are UNDESIRABLE. =P