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10-23-2004, 11:08 AM
Jim's DHTML Menu 5.7


This is a really nice navigation system, Looks and works great in IE6, all NS, Mozilla and Safari. I seem to be having problems viewing it with IE5 in both PC and MAC.

For PC, I see a black bordered box with tiny scrollbar buttons. On MAC the primary navigation appears, but the drop downs do not.

If I set the config.js file to point IE5 browsers to use the IE55 include file, it works fine for PC, but the drop downs still won't work on MAC IE5.

I know a little about JavaScript, but not enough to debug this..
As I said before, the navigation works well when it does work. It's fast and responsive and extremely customizable!
I get the same result on the Dynamic Drive web site example?

If there is a solution, I would be greatly appreciative for and answer.