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08-05-2009, 04:57 PM
Ive tried customizing an existing script, but its taking me too much time to get what i want because im absolutely new to javascript.


The image above is the navigation menu that i have.
im using dreamweaver's default rollover image feature to change the image on mouse over, that basically has a different shade.

Well i want to keep that feature, and also have a drop down menu.
Only "About" and "Courses" are to have drop down menus.
heres the plan for the menus.


> Mission Statement
> Scope of Interest
> Delivery Flexibilty
> Certification
> Experience
> Management Team
-----> Jack Glavine (Owner)
-----> Carolyn Glavine (Manager)
> Other Services
-----> Safe Work Procedure/Practice Writing
-----> Consulting Services
> Memberships
-----> Alberta Construction Safety Association
-----> Oil Sands Safety Association
> Careers
-----> Hiring Policy
-----> Worker's Compensation


> Course Content
> Course Fees
> Class Sizes
> Instructors
> Course Outlines
-----> (About 20 listings here)

The menus are to have submenus too. Thats pretty clear in the quote above.

For the sub-menu for Course Outlines, the submenu can either be with a scroll, or be double columned with 10 listings in each.

The background of the menus can be a simple shade of grey (customizable), or be an external image that i can edit.

Please help me with this.
Any help will be much much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!