View Full Version : .js file problem

08-04-2009, 07:28 AM
I dont know if this would be where I ask about .js files, but
How do I get this to work
the top link is what I want to do the 2nd works but in a whole new page
I want it in my frame as the top one indicates
NOTE if the top one is left in the whole thing bombs out and no links show up at all
function toprightmenu()
retVal =
"<a target=\"mainframe"href=\"../forms/Contest/contest.html\">Win My Windows</a><br> " +
"<a href=\"forms/Contest/contest.html\">Win My Windows</a><br> " +
"<a href=\"http\">Some Other Link</a><br> " +
"<a href=\"http\">Some Other Link</a>";

return retVal;