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07-29-2009, 06:18 PM

I'm not good in java script, and need you help for getting this jquery plugin fit to my needs.

Link to plugin demo page (EXAMPLE 3):


I wish to add selected tab option, when user clicks on tab code will change one class with second one.

Author of this plugin wrote this

Path to java script where code need to bee


Inside the last few lines in wiggleslide.js where you see $(this).click(function(){ add $(this).removeClass().addClass('selected'); then style the .selected class in CSS.

this is not working at all.

My code

$('div.tabs_1_wrapper ul#slider-nav3 a').removeClass('pake');
return false;

Red code: place from where script will remove class style
Blue code: default class style
Yellow code: this class will be used when user click on tabs

Problem is that my code act like class changer , when I click on tabs code change my default class with second one and stay active.

I hope that someone knows what is my problem and hi wish to help me

I would be grateful...

Thank you