View Full Version : Dynamically Add content on UI page

07-29-2009, 09:56 AM

I have one html page. This page is used to search file functinality. There is no server side code. I am using "Scripting.FileSystemObject" to search file.
Now I want to see which file is going to search, so for that I have added one div tag and I am trying to print file path in this div tag. It is working but after completion of execution of function, path will print into div tag.
I want that content immediatly after executing adding content in html page scripting. I am using below code for that

<div id="tdshowpath" >
<table id="tblmain"></table>

function insRow(Path)
var x=document.getElementById('tblmain').insertRow(0);
var y=x.insertCell(0);