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07-08-2009, 04:10 PM
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chained select menu
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I am very new here. I need a help from guru of scripts.
Recently, I am trying to use chainedselectmenu code from Xin Yang and DD.
However, I couldn't show the search result at different page. I mean , using frame, search part at top part and result part at bottom part in one page. Then I can search again without usie backward button. So fa just use the code from DD as a source The source from DD works well - search and refresh the screen and show the result - however , I need to modify them for my page. Please help me. I can not modify the code to show 2 page in one screen. Followings are the code from DD, work well

<code chainedselect.js >

// Chained Selects

// Copyright Xin Yang 2004
// Web Site: www.yxScripts.com
// EMail: m_yangxin@hotmail.com
// Last Updated: 2004-07-17

// Modified by Dynamic Drive to create Chained Select Menu
// Web Site: www.dynamicdrive.com
// Last Updated: 2004-07-13

// This script is free as long as the copyright notice remains intact.

var _disable_empty_list=false;
var _hide_empty_list=false;

// ------

///// DynamicDrive.com added function/////////////

var onclickaction="open"

function goListGroup(){
for (i=arguments.length-1;i>=0; i--){
if (arguments[i].selectedIndex!=-1){
var selectedOptionvalue=arguments[i].options[arguments[i].selectedIndex].value
if (selectedOptionvalue!=""){
if (onclickaction=="open")
window.location = selectedOptionvalue
else if (newwindow==1)
window.location = selectedOptionvalue

///// END DynamicDrive.com added function//////

if (typeof(disable_empty_list)=="undefined") { disable_empty_list=_disable_empty_list; }
if (typeof(hide_empty_list)=="undefined") { hide_empty_list=_hide_empty_list; }

I think need to modify the DD added part to show 2 page in one screen with frame set.