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08-28-2005, 10:00 AM
Free Advertising on a Search Engine ... So Where’s the Future in that?

Good question. Yes, searchEstate is a search engine. Yes, it has its own spidering and Indexing capabilities. It has everything that Yahoo and Google has, except for a few key differences... It is portable, flexible, does not belong to a corporation, gives away free advertising and allows you to build your own advertising database, while promoting your own main business.

The complete inversion of Yahoo, MSN and Google... Where YOU pay to advertise!

searchEstate is now the fastest growing search engine in history. What is the key to this success? Each portal is owned by an individual with an interest in the future of his/her own business and eliminating future advertising costs. Not only eliminating those costs... But advertising via a medium that works – The Major Search Engines.

Where do you go to find anything? Your e-mail? No... A search engine.

More people join business opportunities through searching business listings than reading their e-mail. Solid text, websites and the fact that it is found on a search engine, lends the utmost credibility to any business venture. When was the last time you received an offer to share in the future income of a major search engines revenue... Or a free advertising offer? Never? Did Yahoo or Google or MSN ever make you such an offer?

The Internet is run by search engines. Anything that you want to know, anywhere you wish to go, it’s all there in the database. That is why people advertise on search engines... It’s where people congregate in millions and where advertisers know they advert will be seen by the masses. Is this expensive? Yes... But it doesn’t have to be in future... searchEstate can help you eliminate that expense... Forever.

Everyone wants and needs free advertising. Until now, little worked in that arena. It was all dependent upon e-mail, Safe lists, FFA’s and Classified Ads. Those areas of promotion are now dormant. E-mail is not getting through, FFA’s are never visited, or their e-mail read and Classifieds are only stumbled across occasionally. The one thing that can never be blocked and is always visible is search engine advertising.

That is WHY you should be interested.
That is WHY you should at least evaluate it.
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Your future and that of your business will depend upon the choices that you make about Internet advertising. It accounts for 90% of all your business costs. It is the most essential part of your business.

This is the ultimate Internet Advertising Solution. The ‘Swiss-Army-Knife’ of Internet Advertising. URL removed by admin

08-28-2005, 10:03 AM
This thread has been erased 3 times before.
Why repost it?


08-28-2005, 11:12 PM
Because no explanation was given as to why it was removed, seeing as others have similar things on this, i don't think it's fair pick and chose whose posts you show.

08-29-2005, 11:51 AM
Explanations were given both times IIRC- the advertising rule.
The thread that I opened a while back has got very large, but is just for my personal site, it's not advertising anything like a classified advert ring.


08-29-2005, 08:30 PM
unfortunately I did not receive your explanation. However please correct me if I am wrong, but are you saying that because it's yours then it's ok? one rule for you and another for everyone else? have you taken a look at my site? I don't believe it's any different from yours? :)

08-30-2005, 03:24 AM
Skyeprofits, what you're posting is an advertisement, which is strictly against our rules. What cr3ative posted was entirely different in nature, not driven by any commercial or self promotional motive.

Closing thread.