View Full Version : Need Help!!DD document effects

08-26-2005, 05:45 AM
Halo,im new in this forums.I dono what kind of format when posting a question.So,plz forgive me.
There are to question i would like to ask.
1stly,I want to put the bubble effects on my homepage.I copy the script and paste it on my homepage.It oso says that i need to save the bubble image by right clicking 'Save As' and upload it to website.Must save the bubble image where?How to upload to the website?I 'save as' the image and my homepage doesnt show any bubble but just some X floating around.What must i do?
Secondly,how to make my homepage image become blur effects?can someone show me the script or teach me where to get it?
All ur help i forward it with a big thx.
Im new in this DD forums.If anything wrong in my post plz forgive me.
Thx for ya help.