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06-23-2009, 05:19 AM
Hi all ,
I am doing chat appliation using ejaberd and JWchat. I load chat window in iframe just as in orkut. It works fine in FireFox but it create lot of problems in IE.Can u please give any suggestions or site.

if (document.createElement && (iframe =
document.createElement('iframe'))) {
iframe.name = iframe.id = user.jid;
iframe.width = "250px";
iframe.height = "234px";
iframe.frameborder = 0;
iframe.style.border = "none";
iframe.style.allowtransparency = "true";
iframe.style.margin = "1px";
parent.top.chat_windows = document.getElementById('chat_windows');

user.chatW = open("/1/modules/Chat/jwchat/chat.html?jid="+escape(jid),user.jid,"width=258,height=260,resizable=yes");

Am trying to load above url in iframe but not working in IE .

Thanks in advance :confused: