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Valor Studios
06-22-2009, 12:05 AM
First let me say that I'm not a guru of JavaScript or jQuery for that matter. I'm familiar with the very basic stuff and if I read code, i'm able to comprehend what will happen. Anyways I have a bit of a problem that I'm running into.

Basically i'm using the ajax technique describe here (http://nettuts.com/javascript-ajax/how-to-load-in-and-animate-content-with-jquery/) to load content of a page. However the problem arises when I wish to load ajax content described within the load content.

The site i'm developing is a personal portfolio. A person lands on the index page and then can browse around. The content is loaded using the technique listed above. On the portfolio page, I'm using the Smooth Div Scroll script written by Thomas Khan (http://maaki.com/thomas/SmoothDivScroll/). When the content is loaded using Ajax, i'm unable to use the Smooth Div Scroll.

My conclusion I have come up with so far is that jQuery is not reading the new content that is loaded and thus unable to initialize some of the scripts. I maybe wrong... don't know.

Anyways I was curious if someone would be able to help me in this manner. Thanks!