View Full Version : Step Carousel and Captify IE problem

06-16-2009, 12:03 PM
Step Carousel with Captify:


I hope this is ok to post here, since Captify does not seem to be available on DD (Step Carousel is however).
I've been working on trying to combine Step Carousel and Captify (Thickbox as well but that doesn't seem to be a problem) and although the result seems to work fine in Firefox, the Captify captions appear misaligned in IE (v7).

The carousel images should display left and right navigation buttons overlayed when the cursor is hovered over either side of the image, and a Captify caption inbetween. I've tried using both margin-left: and absolute positioning>left: to position the caption correctly in IE (it positions fine in Firefox) but with no luck.

URL: http://www.paulwitherden.com/carousel/
CSS: http://www.paulwitherden.com/carousel/style.css

Any help would be greatly appreciated.