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06-10-2009, 06:17 AM
HI guys.. i am new to java.. and i need help.. :)

I am making a application in which i have to upload a file and then take the data from that file and insert into database.

Now i am having problem with taking data from the file. My file contains a line of 106 characters where i have 15 characters then a space, then 20 char then space then 4, then space and so on making a total of 106. Like this..

405804170000025 89918040509700000259 0000 14846500 0000 78452100 5943C9EE5494E04B9FE4DA4E88F1BEDA 14847845

i just want to take each of the value in a seperate variable so that it become easy for me to insert it in database.

so plz help me in taking these value which are seperated by spaces.