View Full Version : NEW bmTools (Advanced LightBox, Wiki and Tooltips)

06-06-2009, 02:24 PM
1) Name: bmTools
2) By: George Barlow | http://barlowmedia.net/
3) It's a: Multi purpose Lightbox, tooltips, wiki-intergration and more!
4) Get it by: Emailing me (george@barlowmedia.net), see below for more information on usage

Good News! bmTools is working again with all browsers!!!

Get great lightbox, tooltip, wiki and other features in the one great script!

Usage note: To use the wiki function (on demo site), highlight any word then click the magnifying glass

Just send me an email on george@barlowmedia.net and I'll add your site to the list, you'll receive free updates and I'll host it for you! No worries about having the latest version, or bug fixes. Also some great new features planned in the next few months (free for those using it before then!)

See the demo here:

If you want to host the code, just send me an email, I'll send you the code (so I know which sites are using it, and so i can send future updates!)

Please Feel Free to comment!