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Prairie Piper
08-22-2005, 11:17 PM
Hi I've been using your 5.41 menu for my 40 pages since the beginning and love it. I recently inserted the correct doc type into all the pages and my scrolling HV menu stopped scrolling!
I was advised to download the menu_com from version 5.5.
A friend did this for me.
When I went into my site, the menu colours were all changed and then the menu disappeared. I don't know how he inserted the upgraded menu.
I printed out the exmplmenu and discovered that all the " " had been changed to ' '
I have corrected all those errors.
My problem is -- I don't want to ask the person for any more help. I think I should have downloaded the whole zip menu from the page, BUT I can't remember how to get all the components into my webfiles that use the components. Copy/Paste doesn't work. I am a senior citizen and I need baby steps help please to get my menu going again.

I put a temporary notice on all the pages that the menu is "out for repair" but I really want to have it up and running again.

Another question - will I have to change any of the "array" files on the tree with the new menu_com??? I hope not!!

I so appreciate your attention and hope you will guide me into getting the program back into my files in easy to follow directions.

Thank you in advance -

08-23-2005, 02:56 PM
Basically.. you need to download all the files for the new menu... edit the exmplmenu_var.js file to put all your configs back in.... (I.E all the colours/ links etc etc you originally setup). Then download the files to your web-site..... if you need a hand e-mail me all the files (in a zip) old and new and I will assist you.