View Full Version : AJAX Loop Works in FF and Safari, but NOT IE

05-13-2009, 09:33 PM
I am having some trouble in Internet Explorer

You all know that dreaded prompt message you get if a website starts slowing down your computer because of a loop?

Well I have been working on a website, got it to work perfectly in Firefox and Safari.

BUT, in Internet Explorer it refuses to work.

The website is called Auction 4 Pennies (http://auction4pennies.net/)
It was inspired by Swoopo (http://www.swoopo.com), a auction website with timers.

I wanted to attempt creating the website without cheating (viewing available source) and without having to purchase a $800 clone.

Right now how it is setup is:
-The page loads
-Then the page uses AJAX to retrieve the Products Page
-On the Products Page it has Current Timers and Current Highest Bidder with Amount
-After that is all loaded, it will loop every second after that, but not reloading all products, just pulling information from the database on another page (using ajax) and creating JS with the information pulled. The returned JS then is executed to reset the Timers and Highest Bidder (in case of a change)

I know there is a Fix to edit the registry on the computer, but there are problems with that.

1. The fix only works on the local machine.
2. The timers on the page take between 15 and 60 seconds to change.
3. The page is still so slow and freezes IE even tho the prompt does not display.

Are there any suggestions to fix the IE problem?