View Full Version : DD Ajax Tabs not running script with tab content

05-13-2009, 07:26 PM
I have set up DD Ajax Tabs and am using it just fine. It works great for the most part, until I ran into an issue recently. The content of one of the tabs contains some javascript that needs to be executed as soon as the tab content is loaded. If the same content is loaded as an independent page, the script runs, but when the content is loaded in association with the tab, the script does not run. Using Firefox + Firebug, I can verify that the script exists in the retrieved content. It is just not running.

Note: The JS within the tab content does not execute. However, if I refresh the content of that same tab via some Ajax utility method (say - Prototype), then the JS executes. But Prototype has an explicit option for running JS within the returned content. Not sure if I can leverage such an option with DD Ajax tabs.

Please help.